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UX Design Immersive Instructor (3 Months Contract)

The Role

We are continuously looking for experts in UX Design to become part of our expert pool of Immersive instructors. By joining us, you’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge with others, develop your mentorship and teaching skills, build your personal brand and join a global community of UX Design Immersive experts.

For our immersive programmes, you are required to be available for the duration of the immersive, 3 months, Monday to Friday, 9am -5pm.


  • Flexible Scheduling - Choose a timing that works for you
  • On-Going Training - Opportunity to train, research, and learn in the field of UX Design on-the-job
  • Global Connection - Collaborate with a growing network of fellow instructors and active data science communities
  • Competitive pay - Opportunity to earn an additional income at an industry competitive rate

Key Responsibilities

You will be responsible for both the in-person and virtual community strategy. You will be responsible for the following:

  • UX Fundamentals - Getting started in UX, UX design process, conducting user research, competitive analysis, affinity mapping, creating personas, defining your users’ problem, information architecture, designing intuitive navigation.
  • UX Foundations - Build foundational knowledge of UX methodology, explore the full range of concepts in the design process, from research and testing, to design thinking and rapid prototyping, identifying problems and needs planning, executing, and synthesizing user interviews, refining and confirming assumptions, hand sketching, rapid prototyping, essentials of usability testing, an introduction to presentations.
  • UI Foundations - Explore how to bring delight and function to users through combining the worlds of user experience and user interface (UI) design, create screens, pages, and visual elements that enable users to interact with products in an intuitive way, contextual and comparative inquiry, competitive analysis, information architecture, navigation and sitemaps, web layouts and wireframes, interaction design principles, visual design (typography, color theory) and composition, responsive design, accessibility, building UI components.
  • Design Iteration and Development - Expand and apply the entire design process of user research, ideation, prototyping, interaction design, interface design, and usability testing, project management and planning, design studio brainstorming, advanced testing and research, feature prioritization and integration, group facilitation, design iterations, UX writing, content strategy, designing for the future: VR, AR, and wearables, creating a research report and specifications document.
  • Working With a Product Team - Learn how to work in an Agile development environment, simulating the hand-off points between product managers and developers, build interpersonal skills in creative confidence and conversational storytelling to develop your portfolio and get industry-ready, product pitching, product management, sprint planning, agile development methodology, technology constraints, HTML and CSS, objectives and key results (OKRs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) advanced prototypes, storytelling and stakeholder presentations.
  • UX in the Real World - Translate the culmination of your design skills into a professional client engagement, work with real-world clients to deliver UX research and designs for an app, website, or product in a three-week design sprint, client management, project management, product management, balancing business and user goals, managing clients and stakeholders.
  • UX Career Planning - Get industry-ready, exploring the basics of service design, design operations, and design leadership, advise stakeholders on how to change operating procedures and workflows to deliver on new product experiences, identify the traits that make you unique as a designer and continue preparing to start your UX career, service design, design operations, design leadership, leading through influence, career planning, building your personal brand, mock interviews, whiteboard challenges.

Required skills of an ideal candidate:

  • Lead Instructor  - Minimum 5 years working experience in UX Design either in academia or industry
  • Teaching Assistant - Less than 5 years with work experience in the industry and/or a relevant degree qualification e.g. UX Design


  • Strong communication skills
  • Passion for teaching and mentoring others

Interested? Tell us more about yourself.

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