JavaScript Development Bootcamp

Gain fluency in JavaScript — the world's most popular programming language — and start leveraging its versatile capabilities to build rich, interactive websites and applications.

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About this course

There are over 1.6 billion websites in the world, and JavaScript is used on 95% of them.



500+ Students


  • HTML and CSS are enough to be able to construct simple web pages, but to have more complex functionality -- for example, storing user data -- it’s necessary to create a full application.
  • In this training programme, students get practice designing and building their own custom front-end applications and plugging those applications into 3rd-party APIs on the web.



  • This course requires a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS in order to enroll.



  • Aspiring developers looking to get their first real experience with web development.
  • Technical product managers looking to create fully-functional MVP applications and further develop their tech vocabularies.
  • Designers and marketers who want to be able to add greater levels of interactivity to their mockups and landing pages.



  • How to work with JavaScript, jQuery, the browser and the DOM.
  • The fundamentals of JavaScript, such that you can more easily learn how to work with JavaScript frameworks and libraries.
  • The fundamentals of object-oriented programming, such that you can more easily learn another object-oriented language.
  • How to consume data from APIs and persist data using a back-end-as-a-service provider like Firebase.
  • How to build a modern, single-page application using common design patterns.




What you'll learn

Complete hands-on exercises using multiple languages to build robust applications
Create a portfolio project that can plug into 3rd party APIs
Explore how developers incorporate interactive features and increase web functionality

Check out our elite team of instructors

Nicholas Adrian

Javascript Instructor

Nicholas Adrian

Javascript Instructor

Aiman Abd Rahman

Javascript Instructor

Aiman Abd Rahman

Javascript Instructor

Urvashi Singla

Javascript Instructor

Urvashi Singla

Javascript Instructor

These experts bring in-depth experience from the field to the classroom each day, providing invaluable insights into succeeding on the job.

GA instructors* are committed to providing personalised feedback and support to help you gain confidence with key concepts and tools.

*GA instructors are subject to their availability

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Course Outline

Engage in online, self-paced learning that’s designed to set you up for success starting day one.

• Gain an introduction to JavaScript and object-oriented programming.
• Get acquainted with fundamental terminology and tools.

Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript and object- oriented programming by working with JavaScript on the command line.

• Explore how the web works and the client- server model.
• Compare JavaScript in the browser versus the command line.
• Run JavaScript code on the command line using Node.js.
• Gain an introduction to working with variables and conditionals.
• Understand data types.
• Work with collections and loops, and iterate over collections.
• Write functions.
• Discover the concept of scope.

Project: Using the provided scaffolding, build a basic
Slackbot that responds to user input and run it locally
from your machine in the class Slack channel.

Use JavaScript to interact with the browser, the Document Object Model, and APIs.

• Get acquainted with objects and methods.
• Work with JSON-formatted data.
• Explore the jQuery library and its capabilities.
• Understand the Document Object Model (DOM) and manipulate objects in the DOM.
• Handle forms and user input.
• Use events and listeners.
• Gain an introduction to AJAX.
• Make API calls, consuming and incorporating API data.
• Compare and contrast asynchronous and synchronous JavaScript.
• Leverage callbacks.

Project: Build a simple, single-page application that
consumes data from a third-party API like Twitter,
Facebook, or Instagram.

Use advanced programming topics and persist user data via API calls to a back-end service provider.

• Dive into authentication, working with tokens and API keys.
• Utilize OAuth.
• Get acquainted with prototypal inheritance, prototypes, and constructors.
• Explore the concept of “this.”
• Handle anonymous functions.
• Understand CRUD.
• Gain an introduction to Firebase and write user data to it.
• Retrieve and update user data.

In-Class Lab: Begin working on your final project: a
single-page application that consumes data from at
least one API and persists user data via Firebase.

Work on your final project and deploy your app using GitHub Pages or Heroku.

• Get started with advanced JavaScript frameworks.
• Explore app deployment strategies.
• Deploy your app to GitHub Pages or Heroku and use a custom domain name.
• Use Firebase with Heroku.

Final Project: Present your capstone piece: a single-page application that consumes data from at least one API and persists user data via Firebase.

Pricing & Payment Plans


from as low as

RM /month

Full Tuition

RM 7,500

excluding admin fees and 6% SST

Employer Sponsorship

This course is a HRD Corp Signature Programme course. It is 100% claimable from your organisation's HRD Corp levy. Please contact us for claims process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing JavaScript opens doors. It has ranked No. 1 most popular in Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey seven years in a row. And, according to LinkedIn, “JavaScript developer is one of the most in-demand roles in the country, as are the skills associated with it, and JavaScript is among the top five in-demand skills in the software industry.” 

Employers put a premium on product managers, designers, and marketers, and more with the technical literacy to collaborate effectively with development teams.

This is an intermediate course and will be full of people who already have a handle on front-end web development basics. You can expect to find designers who want to step up their game, junior developers who want to strengthen their knowledge of JavaScript code, and hobbyists who want to go on to learn other frameworks and languages.

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect as a GA student:

  • A robust introduction to the fundamentals of the JavaScript language and object-oriented programming.

  • The technical know-how to utilise JavaScript code both in the browser and on the command line, respond to user input, and consume data from any third-party API.

  • 60 hours of expert instruction from a professional developer, plus many more spent tackling homework, honing projects, and getting technical support in office hours.

  • Robust coursework, including expert-vetted lesson decks, project toolkits, and more. Refresh and refine your knowledge throughout your professional journey as needed.

  • A real-world project where you’ll build a single-page web app that adheres to modern JavaScript design patterns.

  • Individual feedback and guidance from instructors and TAs. Stay motivated and make the most of your experience with the help of GA’s dedicated team.

  • A GA course certificate to showcase your new skill set on LinkedIn.

  • Connections with a professional network of instructors and peers that lasts well beyond the course. The global GA community can help you navigate and succeed in the field.

Yes! Upon passing this course, you will receive a signed certificate of completion. Thousands of GA alumni use their course certificate to demonstrate skills to employers and their LinkedIn networks. GA’s JavaScript Development course is well-regarded by many top employers, who contribute to our curriculum and use our tech programmes to train their own teams.

Our instructors represent the best and brightest JavaScript development professionals who combine in-depth knowledge as practitioners with a passion for nurturing the next generation of talent.

We work with a large pool of experienced instructors around the world.

This course requires a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS in order to enroll. Graduates of General Assembly’s Front-End Web Development course will be well-prepared.

Our Admissions team can discuss your background and learning goals to advise if this course is a good fit for you.

Yes! All of our part-time courses are designed for busy professionals with full-time work commitments.

You will be expected to spend time working on homework and projects outside of class hours each week, but the workload is designed to be manageable with a full-time job.

If you need to miss a session or two, we offer resources to help you catch up. We recommend you discuss any planned absences with your instructor.

It’s up to you! Our Remote courses offer a learning experience that mirrors GA’s on-campus offerings but allow you to learn from the comfort of home. You’ll still get access to the expert instruction, learning resources, and support network that GA is known for.

If you prefer to learn alongside your peers and can make it to campus, our in-person courses allow you to take advantage of our beautiful classrooms and workspaces.

Our Admissions team can advise you on the best format for your personal circumstances and learning style.

For your capstone project, you’ll build a single-page application that follows common design patterns, persists user data, and consumes data from APIs. We encourage you to tackle a coding challenge that’s related to your work or a passion project you’ve been meaning to carve out time for.

Throughout the course, you’ll also complete a number of smaller labs designed to reinforce what you’ve learned in each unit.