Software Engineering.
No. 1 job in the world for 2023.

Software developers are in demand in nearly every industry, as technology becomes more and more ingrained in every aspect of daily life. Anyone pursuing this career may find it attractive because, aside from paying well and having tremendous growth opportunities, it involves creative work that is constantly evolving and challenging.

Software Engineering Immersive

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Increased Demand

Software developers are in high demand due to shift towards digital services, products and processes. Companies seek skilled developers to understand coding languages, development frameworks & databases. Choosing to become a software developer in 2023 will ensure taking advantage of the ever-increasing need.

Competitive Salaries

Software developers can expect to receive competitive salaries in 2023. The global average salary for a software developer is estimated to be nearly USD$100,000 per year. Experienced software developers can expect to receive even higher salaries, depending on the size of the company and the level of experience.

Ample Opportunity

By becoming a software developer in 2023, you’ll have the opportunity to work with the latest and greatest technologies, from AI and blockchain to IoT and machine learning. Working with cutting-edge technology can be incredibly rewarding and can open up entirely new career opportunities.

This is a beginner-friendly course with no prerequisites. Our Admissions team can discuss your background and learning goals to advise if this course is a good fit for you.

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Dig Deeper Into The Curriculum
Software Engineering Immersive

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Software Engineering Immersive

480 hours of live, instructor-led classes in two formats


Full-time for 12 weeks

Change your career in a short and intensive period. Code full-time and get yourself from zero to a full-stack software engineer in 3 months.


Part-time for 25 weeks

Have it all. Keep your daytime commitments while transforming your career with evening and weekend training to become a full-stack software engineer.

What To Expect

The In-Class Experience:

Engage in project-based learning that’s designed to inspire a lifetime of discovery. As an SEI student, you’ll:

  • Explore new concepts and tools through expert-led lectures and discussions.
  • Complete coding exercises to reinforce newly learned skills.
  • Dive deeper into topics and techniques via independent, pair, and group programming labs.
  • Receive individualized feedback and support from your expert instructional team.
  • Apply what you’ve learned to homework assignments and unit projects, building out a professional portfolio to show off job-ready skills to potential employers and collaborators.


Dedicated Career Coaching:

As an Immersive student, you’ll receive dedicated support from career coaches who will help you set goals, make a roadmap for success, and stay on track with your job search. Throughout the course, you’ll:

  • Get an inside look at the industry through day-in-the-life talks, hiring panel discussions, guest speakers, and more.
  • Cultivate a competitive candidate mindset, learning to assess your skill set against job descriptions, track progress, and recognize opportunities.
  • Develop your professional brand: Polish your online and in-person presence, and build confidence to set yourself apart in interviews.
  • Tap into an exclusive global network of experts, influencers, and peers, plus learn strategies for leveraging your existing connections, in person and online.
  • Become an active contributor to the developer community.

discounts for coding classes

After graduation, you’ll also gain access to resources to help fuel a lifetime of learning. Dive into new topics or continue honing your software engineering skills with discounts on a suite of tools, passes, and packages to premier events, and more.

You can also apply tuition discounts to future GA courses, classes, and workshops, both on campus and online.

Software Engineering Immersive

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Pricing & Payment Options

Full Tuition


*Excluding administrative fees and SST.

Tuition FAQ

Here are just some of the things you can expect as a GA learner:

  • 480 hours of expert instruction in the skills you need to enter the workforce as a junior full-stack web developer.
  • 14 hours of self-paced pre-work to explore software engineering fundamentals help you hit the ground running on day one of class.
  • A professional-grade portfolio of projects taken from concept to completion — each mirroring real problems that engineers face — that allows you to showcase the breadth of your technical skills to employers.
  • Individual feedback and guidance from instructors and TAs during office hours.
  • Dedicated career services to help you navigate your personal job search experience, from technical challenges, to salary negotiation, and more.
  • Technical interview prep, including resume reviews, mock interviews, and whiteboarding practice.
  • Exclusive access to alumni discounts, networking events, and career workshops.
  • A GA course certificate to showcase your new skill set on LinkedIn.
  • Connections with a professional network of instructors and peers that lasts well beyond the course. The global GA community can help you navigate and succeed in the field.

This is a beginner-friendly program with no prerequisites, although many students have engaged in self-learning previously or have worked at tech startups or in tech-adjacent roles. Whether you’re new to the field or you’re looking to formalize your practice, our curriculum helps you gain fluency in the programming languages, frameworks, and libraries that modern employers demand and put them to work on the path to a new career in the field.

Our Admissions team can discuss your background and learning goals to advise if this course is a good fit for you.

Yes! Upon passing this course, you will receive a signed certificate of completion. Thousands of GA alumni use their course certificate to demonstrate skills to potential employers — including our hiring partners — along with their LinkedIn networks. GA’s tech programs are well-regarded by many top employers, who contribute to our curriculum and partner with us to train their own teams.

Why GA?

Live, Instructor-Led Classes

GA's instructional team are industry-experts that provide engaging and responsive classes both on campus and online. Support office hours and mentorship is also available.

Continuous Development

To ensure excellence in the classroom and relevancy on the job, our instructional design and product teams work tirelessly to iterate, adapt, and evolve our curriculums.

Employer Needs Focused

Many of our part-time learners are funded by employers who want their employees trained by our experts. We've helped dozens of companies train their employees and GA curricula are guided by their industry needs.

Professional Global Network

GA's curricula is taught in 33 campuses around the world, serving 1000+ companies and a professional community of 40,000+ full- and part-time alumni.