From Architecture to User Experience (UX) Design


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For Mustaqim, it was about repackaging his interests and finding newfound ways to channel them.

The inability to interact with the outside world was especially difficult for those starting off their careers at the onset of the pandemic. Opportunities that would have ensured real-world experiences were quickly halted. For then architectural graduate Mustaqim Musthafa (nickname Mus), it was no different.

A year into the architectural field and he began to question whether he could progress in this field in the ways he always hoped. Is this sustainable in the current environment? Was this how I wanted to utilise my skills? Uncertainties began to pile up and more questions began to cloud his mind. 

Aware that the tech industry is a consistently evolving landscape and encompasses a plethora of job opportunities, exacerbated by the pandemic forcing more business operations online, Mus confided in friends working in the industry for guidance on how he can reinvigorate his career. With the help of a good support system, Mus was able to shift his mindset and proactively explore new avenues to build his skill set. Realising one of his strengths was structural design as a result of his architectural background, Mus took the advice of his peers and started to pursue UX design. 

Mus enrolled in General Assembly Malaysia’s 2021 MySTEP Programme undertaking the UX Design Bootcamp. Right away, he knew it was the right path as he shares “When I learn UX design, I can see my passion in it.. and I start to enjoy every challenge that comes to me.” Energized by this new challenge, Mus started the journey to crafting a solid portfolio that landed him his current job. He credits General Assembly’s instructors for guiding him along the way and boosting his confidence to try new things. The hands-on approach of the bootcamp provided a well-rounded foundation to learn in-depth UX concepts and techniques applicable to Mus’ current role. 
Now a UI/UX designer at a marketing agency, Mus credits GA’s course for his development and confidence in exploring the UX design world. Mus has incorporated continued learning in his day-to-day activities, both at work and personal life, becoming a big proponent for setting daily goals to improve technical and soft skills. Though admitting changing careers can be “a bit messy”, he is encouraged by prospects of diving deeper into how UX and marketing are intertwined, finding pockets to apply architectural elements along the way. 

Mus’ story is one driven by resourcefulness, perseverance, and hard work. Not wanting to sit around and be idle, he took it upon himself to be in charge of the direction of his career. It is an important reminder for all of us to never lose sight of our ambitions and remember new pathways are waiting to be found. Don’t let your spark diminish and take charge to reignite the passion inside you. 

To explore the UX Design Bootcamp path for yourself, check out our syllabus and have a chat with admissions to begin your career transition journey.

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Published on Mar 09, 2023

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